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Bad News for Kerry   <Go>
By George F. Will         9/9/04 

New York Times

The Comeback Prez   <Go>
By WILLIAM SAFIRE      9/6/04
New York Times
Cult of Death           <Go>
By DAVID BROOKS          9/7/04 
CNN    9/9/07
'Raid on al Qaeda meet kills 40' <Go> 
Franks: Bush <Go>
right man for job

washingtontimes.com      9/3/04

 Franks:   <Go>
Let's Fight Terrorists 'Over There'
 I. I. Rabi and the Birth of CERN
Physics Today  ///   Sept 2004    <Go>

Reaching for the Stars <Go>
By Neil Cavuto    W-9/8/14
Kerry's   <Go>
antiwar games

Moderate Muslims
Speak Out    <Go>

  FOX-News     9/7/04
Bomb Kills 9, Wounds 160 in Jakarta             <Go>
AP / Fox           9/9/04

Deadly car bomb
rocks Jakarta

CNN       9/9/04   <Go>
The Not-So-Swift    <Go>
Mainstream Media

Weekly Standard     09/06/2004
Rumsfeld: Iran aids rebels       <Go>
 washingtontimes     9/8/04
Rumsfeld Condemns
Terror Attack in Russia
9/7/04    <Go>
A Speech That Delivered the Goods
By David S. Broder       
Rumsfeld: Iraq War Did Not Create Terrorists 
AP Fox
       9/7/04     <Go>
September 11 and the economy   <Go>
washingtontimes  9/8/04
Russia:       <Go>
Extradite Chechen rebels

CNN       9/9/04 
washingtontimes. com
The Syria problem
9/8/04   <Go>
Siege prompts horror among Arabs   <Go>
CNN          9/5/04
Treachery-Part I
French connection
  <Go>    9/7/04
Treachery-Part II
Libyan sincerity
   <Go>     9/9/04
Treachery-Part III

   <Go>     9/10/04
U. S.  targeting insurgents in northern Iraq   9/9/04  <Go> 9JakartaCarBomb-90904fox3.jpg
World Wants Bush Out of the White House: Poll    <Go>
WASHINGTON (Reuters) -  W-9/8/04
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