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Rice to Testify to
9/11 Panel Next Week   <Go>
FOX-News / AP             April 01, 2004
Rice to testify on Thursday  <Go>
Joseph Curl & James G. Lakely  4/2/04
 New York Times      
The Floo Floo Bird   <Go>
By WILLIAM SAFIRE       April 5, 2004
Clarke's contradictions  <Go>
March 26, 2004 
 New York Times     
See Dick Spin       <Go>
By DAVID BROOKS             March 27, 2004
Sept. 11, Lies and 'Mistakes'  <Go>
Charles Krauthammer      March 26, 2004
Weekly Standard
The Sorry Mr. Clarke 
William Kristol    April 5, 2004
  New York Times  
Follow-Up to Kofigate  <Go>
By WILLIAM SAFIRE       March 29, 2004
Powell's frustration   <Go>
Published April 8, 2004 
Perpetuating repression   <Go>
By Newt Gingrich     4/05/04
Oil for Fraud?
March 26, 2004 
 New York Times
Two-Front Insurgency   <Go>
By WILLIAM SAFIRE      April 7, 2004
US Vetoes UN ResolutionCondemning
Killing of Hamas Leader Yassin
FOX-News/AP   March 25, 2004 
Inept or ignorant?   <Go>
Published April 7, 2004

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 Iraqi Philosophers
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