TO: John Kerry           FR: A-J Dubre                                 5/13/04
        DNC                             Enlightened Patriotic Citizen
        Washington, DC          Derby-CT

Do the honorable thing for America - Step aside.

By-pass this one election during our engagement in a worldwide terror war. 

Endorse G-W Bush - engage the Senate in this global terror war.

Muzzle your colleagues - Teddy Kennedy, Carl Leven & (Big) Bob  Byrd.

Put your organization, money & effort to dragging down and defeating worldwide terrorism.

Politically 'bury' anyone who attempt to campaign before 2011.

All effort of real Americans is to be devoted to stabilizing our economy, rebuilding our military and civilian infrastructure, and propagating the American ideals. 

No more petty bickering - America first, last & always.