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Scandal at the U.N. <Go>
By WILLIAM SAFIRE        March 17, 2004
The cover-up in the office of the U.N. secretary general of a multibillion-dollar financial fraud known as the Iraqi oil-for-food program is beginning to come apart.
The Democrats' Smear Race  <Go>
By Charles Krauthammer             Friday, February 20, 2004
As the Democrats enter the final stages of their primary race, the emerging story is how the Republicans are preparing to go negative in the general election with a campaign of singular viciousness against John Kerry.
Rumsfeld Defends Iraq War to Skeptical Audience  <Go>
AP / FOX-News    
February 07, 2004
MUNICH, Germany — Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld , defending the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq  . . . 
Iraq Raid Yields Cyanide Linked to Al Qaeda
AP / Fox-News         February 07, 2004  <Go>
WASHINGTON  — U.S. forces in Iraq found seven pounds of cyanide during a raid late last month on a Baghdad house . . .   
The Farewell Dossier   <Go>
By WILLIAM SAFIRE           February 2, 2004
Intelligence shortcomings, as we see, have a thousand fathers; secret intelligence triumphs are orphans.
The Kurdish Question   <Go>
By WILLIAM SAFIRE          January 14, 2004
On Monday, Kofi Annan will have a chance to play "a vital role" in Iraq that the U.S. has promised.
Take the Fight to the Terrorists   <Go>
By Donald H. Rumsfeld          October 26, 2003
A Defense Secretary Undeterred   <Go>
By George F. Will              October 23, 2003
The Age of Liberty    <Go>
By WILLIAM SAFIRE             November 10, 2003
Belgium war crimes cases dismissed   <Go>
September 24, 2003
In Need of A New Abbas   <Go>
By Charles Krauthammer             September 12, 2003 
The Failuremongers    <Go>
By WILLIAM SAFIRE             September 8, 2003