Pig Roasts, Racism, Glorification of Violence
Monday, May 12, 2003
By Scott Norvell          FOX-News / Toung Tied
Pig Roasts

Officials at the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts in North Adams, Mass., have denied two student groups' request to roast a pig on campus because it might offend vegetarians, reports the Berkshire Eagle.

The college's Political Science Club and History Society wanted to have the barbecue in the school's quadrangle.  They even planned to offer veggie burgers and other non-meat options at the May 14 event to give vegetarians alternatives to the roast pig.

But school officials said nyet.

Clark H. Billings, a political science professor who advises the two clubs, said officials first said the event would offend vegetarians but later changed their story to cite "health and safety" concerns. "This is clearly political correctness run amok again on this campus," Billings said.

Movie Slights

Agence France-Presse reports that the director of X-Men 2 is under fire for having the nerve to portray a Muslim as a bad guy in the movie.

Project Islamic HOPE, a Los Angeles-based Muslim civil rights group, accused X-Men director Bryan Singer, who they point out is Jewish, of anti-Islamic propagandizing for showing the film's villain wearing a ring with "Allah," the Arabic name for God, inscribed on it.

"It's a major slap in the face to Muslims worldwide that this portrayal be made when the X-Men in the comics and movies have always fought against prejudice in society," said the group's director Najee Ali.  "It was done intentionally," he insisted.

Those Wacky Berkeley Kids

The kids at the University of California at Berkeley are at it again, this time directing their ire toward the Daily Californian, the student paper there, for a couple of misdeeds.

First, the Californian reports that a group of black students crammed its offices complaining that it had the nerve to publish a picture of a black football player accused of fracturing a student's skull with a bottle.  The students said that by running the picture, the paper was perpetuating a negative, stereotypical image of American-Americans.

"Very easily something as simple as a picture gets translated in public mind as a mug shot because of the historic criminalization of African-American males," said UC Berkeley alumnus David Philoxene, a reader for an African-American studies class.

The students want a front-page apology and a mug shot of the reporter on the front page as penance.  They did not say whether the alleged crime itself might contribute to the perpetuation of negative, stereotypical images of African-Americans.

Another group of students was irked by an editorial cartoon of North Korean leader Kim Jong Il.  They complained that the image was a "racist, anti-Asian caricature ... drawn with slanted, virtually non-existent eyes, jutting teeth, and an upturned, pig-like nose -- a mimicry of the bigoted xenophobic anti-Japanese cartoons of World War II."

In an editor's note about the issues, Editor in Chief Rong-Gong Lin II made no apologies for either of the transgressions.


The University of Massachusetts at Amherst has hired a firm to replace its 30-year-old Minuteman mascot because the gun-toting patriot is too male for some tastes and too violent for others, reports the Republican.

A design team hired by the school for $10,000 is looking at wolf mascots, both cuddly and fierce, to replace the politically incorrect Minuteman.

UMass Athletic Director Ian J. McCaw said the company, following focus group sessions, "expressed some concern with the single-gender ethnicity of the Minuteman, and the fact he's carrying a firearm."