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Bush, Mubarak Hail Possible Israeli Withdrawal From Gaza DanaMilbank4/12/04;2:50p 
Mubarak Pledges Support
for Mideast Peace        <Go>

FOX-News / AP      April 12, 2004
AP: Hezbollah Sponsors Anti-Israel Attacks
AP Enterprise: Islamic Group Hezbollah Sponsors Palestinian Attacks Against Israel The Associated Press     <G0> 
Gunfire Exchanged       <G0>
Near Gaza Settlement
FOX-News /AP        April 12, 2004   
White House                 <Go>
Releases PDB

FOX-News / AP     April 10, 2004
White House releases bin Laden memo
Presidential briefing was at center of Rice's testimony CNN         4/10/04    <Go>
U.S. Increases Military  Strength in Fallujah      <Go>
FOX-News / AP        April 10, 2004
 washingtontimes.com         <Go>
Al Qaeda a target early, Rice says
 James G. Lakely       April 9, 2004 
Rice Testimony                  <Go>
Reveals Security Failures

By Julia Gorin       FOX-News        April 09, 2004
Freeh Defends Pre-Sept. 11 FBI Terror Hunt       <Go>
FOX-News / AP      April 12, 2004
Missile Defense Didn't    <Go>
Cause Sept. 11             
Baker Spring   FOX-News   April 12, 2004
The New York Times                  <Go>
The Uncertainty Factor   
By DAVID BROOKS        April 13, 2004

White House Releases Al Qaeda Memo        <GO>
FOX-News / AP   April 11, 2004


White House releases memo
Joseph Curl             April 11, 2004


Raw Data: Text of Released PDB
FOX-News             April 10, 2004
The following is a redacted text of the presidential daily briefing from August 6, 2001:
Bin Ladin Determined
to Strike in US