Sun 5/28/06
     On rear deck w/ John-B & Nat-B.
     Nat: "private & secluded"
     JS w/i ear shot - plays w/ "Chase", after using blower.

Wed 5/31/06
     JS trims vines covering fence
     Later, remives three tarps from fence next to parking space

Thur 6/01/06
     A.M. - one green plastic 'BB' by rear deck pathway
     P.M.  - paint balls -
                 N-W corner of walkway
                 S-W path behind shed
                 Shed W-steps
                 N-face rock-hill

Fri 6/02/06
     Many (>15) paint balls
             Center rear deck
             Adjacent reart deck
             Several 10-30 feet from N-side fence
             Two by rear shed
     Showed collectiion to John, Nat, Maria & Ann

Sat 6/03/06
     Single in middle of path after 2+ inched of rain

Sun 6/04/06
     All clear at 8:00 a.m.
     9:30 a.m. - cigar by picnic table - 12+ feet from fence - gum, also
     9:45 a.m. - half filled paint pall - used shells top of grass, 15' fr fence
     * * * sound 'like' bb in trees overhead
     JS starts to park truxk in front of my house