Harassment By S

Fri. - 4/21/06  +/- 16:45

I approached JS concerning the continual barrage of paint balls on my property over the past several weeks
I told him that it must stop.
He returned the finger along with a barrage of insults & curses.

About a month ago, J's son, R sprayed four of my trees and two of my walls.
I informed J's wife, Joann, as J was gone for the day.
She told me they are water soluble. 
(My Shed still has paint from two weeks before that.)
Also, about a month previous, my 7 year old dog spent a night unable to stand.  I was able to coached him outside at dawn the next morning.  He walked with effort and unstable motion.  He took a very large and very soft dump.  The last of it was a shade similar to yellow paint balls. He has had loose bowel syndrome several times this year - probably it is allergy/poison reaction to paint balls.

About six weeks ago, one of Ryan's guests let off a round in my direction. 
I was sprayed with some paint.
I first tried to correct the youngster, who went into total denial.
I then brought it to Jeff's attention.
He too went into denial. 
Finally, he said it must have been an accident, if it happened at all.

These kids have been running wild in the back woods w/o adult supervision.
Lately, my property has been barraged with whole paint balls.
I am not sure which S is responsible.  (for starting the barage about six weeks ago)
It had not occurred to me that one or both of them would throw the paint balls onto my property to make my dog sick.

But, I am tired of being harassed.
I should be permitted to retire in peace - I have given Derby 35 years of dedicated service.

Harassment vs. bullying:

JS is 6'4", 230-240 lb.., and 45 years old.
ajD 5'7", 192 lb.., and 64+ years old.
I have own, maintained and improved this property for 33 years (1/3 century).
I set the side fences with the cooperation and participation of the
original property owners at 16 and 18 Stephen Street during 1975 and 1976. 

A week passes - then:

Mike's father dies 03:30 - Fri. - 4/28/06.
John & Nat w/ wives depart for FLA - 04:00 Sat - 4/29/06.
Mikes's father's obituary appears in the papers - Sat. - am.
Pops moves out Sat. & Sun.

Up Date:  Sun. - 4/30/06 (10 days later)

Yesterday, Sat., at about 08:35, J drove by my property while I was reading.  I looked up; he was giving me a middle finger salute.

Later, I found a red paint ball along my walking path.  I picked it up and saved it for evidence of continued harassment. This was within 20 feet of our common side property line.

This morning, I found three more red paint balls along  my walking path.  The is located within 20-30 feet of our common side property line.

At or about 5:00 p.m., I found several more paint balls & plastic pellet.

Up Date:  Mon. - 5/01/06

I picked up six more paint balls.