Industry needed more than school
   New Haven Register       Monday, May 14, 2001

     In a letter, Gary Haydu implored Derby citizens to judge the new high school project based on facts.  Haydu stated the land is zoned for industry if Derby fails to buy the parcel.

     The fact is, we need industry in Derby.  We need an industrial park before we need a new high school.  Industry will help lower our taxes, a new high school will only raise them.

     Haydu stated that building a new school is much more cost-effective than renovations.  Most people thought the prices were rigged in favor of building a new high school.  Anyone who has been in construction as I have knows that renovations to a school are more cost-effective than building a new high school.

     Haydu also pointed out that we can't afford to pass up the education opportunities of this new high school.  There aren't any educational opportunities involved in this project.  This is about alleviating over crowding - but that has also been exposed as a hoax.

     These parents are pathetic. No new building is going to solve real problems facing our public school system.  Vote "no" to a new building, and say "yes" to education.

     Erik Williams