Valley Times       Saturday May 19, 2001
  New High School Needed in Derby 

To the Editor:

Derby is moving towards becoming one of the state's most desired communities.  OK, you can laugh now if you want, but finally after 50 years of doing nothing, changes are being made.

Located at the confluence of two great rivers, Derby enjoys a strategic geographical location centered among New Haven, Bridgeport and Waterbury, easy access to major highways and railroad stations.

A prominent developer, Starwood Cerruzzi, has been chosen to develop the south side of Main Street and its waterfront.  The contract has been signed.

The city has recently purchased a building  for a needed town hall.  Other major retailers have recognized the potential of our great city.

If outsiders are willing to invest in our community, isn't it time that the citizens of Derby invest in their own future?

A new high school is being proposed that alleviates the overcrowding issues that exist in the schools today.  It will give us four buildings for the educational needs of the children including two grammar schools, a much needed separate middle school and a new high school.  

Let's complete the turnaround of this great town and let's have the last laugh.  

Vote YES on June 12.