Valley Times         Saturday May 12, 2001
 Current Derby High Is Not Good Enough for Future Students

To the Editor:

Derby residents are lucky.  We have many departments whose fine work in our city is truly praiseworthy.  For example, our Public Works Department is prompt, efficient, and thorough at keeping the streets safe and clear after a storm.  The members of our fire department risk their lives to ensure our safety and well being. 

What if we weren't so lucky?  What if navigating our streets of ter a snowstorm was hazardous or life threatening?  Would we accept that?  Would we say it's the effort that counts and that's good enough for us?  What if the fire department couldn't extinguish a. fire in your house because their hose wasn't long enough?  Would saving half of your home be good enough?  I don't think so. 

Why are so many Derby residents willing to accept the current high school as good enough?  
It's overcrowded and can't provide the quality of education that we should expect and demand for our children.  
In addition, education and its emphasis have changed drastically in the last 20 years.  
Students that graduate now must have a strong background in technology or they will be ill suited for a job in today's market.  
Schools are obligated to provide the necessary skills.  
If the high school building cannot adapt to this change because the needed infrastructure can't be established, and we don't attempt to rectify this situation, then we are neglecting our children and performing a disservice to them. 

Every voter in Derby should be headed to the polls on June 12 to vote yes for a new high school.  The inadequacies of the current building, and our failure to provide the best for our children are NOT good enough. 


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