Put construction cost toward education

   Letter to the Editor June 10, 2001

The existing high school is supposedly overcrowded and lacks new technology. The school was recently given full accreditation by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. This isn't awarded to schools that are overcrowded or to schools where technology isn't up to standards.
Besides, if this school is so inadequate, why turn the facility over to middle school students?

We shut down three schools in the past 17 years because we were told we couldn't fill them anymore and they were a tax drain. This was during the baby boom when we had more students in the system then we do now.

Let's take our money and invest in after-school programs and a better school curriculum. In Derby, we aren't overcrowded; but judging by the recent honor rolls and state test scores, we are definitely undereducated.

Erik Williams

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   One vote benefits park, recreation and education

   Letter to the Editor June 10, 2001

The proposal for the new school is a win, win, win choice. Voters will be able to preserve Witek Park in its natural state, provide much needed recreational facilities, and alleviate the overcrowded school system all in one vote.
Most people don't realize that 25 percent of the roughly 144 acres of Witek Park can be developed as the leaders of Derby feel is necessary. At one time it was contemplated to sell off a portion of the site for private development in order to fund the acquisition. Acquiring a portion of the Hine Farm will negate the need to encroach upon Witek Park's open space.

The new school will include new fields, and a synthetic running track. The current conditions for all outdoor youth activities are far below the standards of other communities.

The new school will put Derby in line with other communities who have for years kept their middle school separate from their high school.

The citizens win a by preserving Witek Park in its original state. We win by correcting the deficiencies in our recreational facilities. We win by providing a quality educational facility.

Paul Padilla