Ansonia easing job regs for fire marshal
  By AMANDA CUDA    Monday, October 02, 2000

ANSONIA -- Hoping to open up the position to more candidates, the city will
revise its job description for fire marshal.

Corporation Counsel Kevin Blake said the current requirements -- which include
seven years of firefighting experience and a bachelors degree from an accredited
university -- will be reduced to make the job more accessible.  "Basically, there
was no one here that qualified," he said.

Blake said he would be responsible for rewriting the job description, which would require the approval
of the Board of Aldermen. 

During the summer, the city accepted applications for fire marshal using the current job description.  Only
two people applied and one dropped out, leaving 28-year firefighting veteran Ralph Tingley the sole
candidate.  The Board of Fire Commissioners interviewed Tingley for the job on Aug. 30.

However, despite a long background in firefighting, including 20 years as chief driver for the citys Eagle
Hook and Ladder Co., Tingley didnt qualify for the job because he only has an associates degree.

Frank Tyszka, chairman of the Board of Fire Commissioners, said the panel was impressed with Tingley
when they interviewed him and he has the experience and knowledge required for the position. "Were
really happy with him," Tyszka said. "Why pull him out of the running?"

Blake said the Board of Aldermen will vote on a revised job description at its Oct. 10 meeting.  The new
description will require a high school diploma or the equivalent and completion of fire-fighting training. 
Blake said that job description will be in keeping with state requirements for a fire marshal.  After the job
description is changed, the city will reopen the application process.

Ansonia has been without a full-time fire marshal for more than five years.  Instead, the city had a
part-time marshal and three deputy marshals.  The marshal and deputies inspect all city buildings, with the
exception of one and two-family residences.

Current Fire Marshal Norman Smith wasnt interested in the full-time position, which carries a salary of

Tyszka said that although he would be satisfied with Tingley, a new job description would open to
position to a wider range of candidates.  "It would just allow more people to apply," he said.