Checkers report to be received soon
  Aug 9 2000 12:00AM  By Terry Pfeifer Editor

SEYMOUR - Answers to questions about this past year's financial crisis will have to wait a few more days. 

The investigative report by Checkers Inc., originally expected to be released in April, now is expected to be presented to First Selectman Scott Barton this week. 

Barton requested a few days to study the report before it is released to the public. 

Town officials commissioned the report earlier this year when it became clear that further investigation of the town's approximately $3 million budget deficit was needed. 

The deficit was due to many factors, including use of an incorrect tax formula, unapproved spending and improper budgeting. 

To help close the budget shortfall, the town implemented a 3.75 mill supplemental tax in February. Thanks to passage of an unprecedented state law, residents subsequently were allowed to pay the tax in installments. 

Checkers Inc., comprising former IRS and FBI agents, investigated certain town departments in what has been termed a "forensic audit." 

Celebration money returned

The town got a little help with its budget recently when the Sesquicentennial Committee, responsible for organizing Seymour's 150th anniversary celebration, returned town funds originally slated for the event. 

"Last year's budget contained $10,000 for Sesquicentennial celebrations," said Barton. "Due to extensive fund-raising and generous donations from individuals and companies, the committee returned the town funds." 

Barton said sales of sesquicentennial merchandise also offset costs for the celebration, which was held over the June 24 to 25 weekend. 

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