Fire posts may change for Shelton 
 By AMANDA CUDA         Thursday, July 13, 2000

               SHELTON - There could be major changes in the way Shelton selects fire
               officials if proposed new job descriptions and appointment procedures
               are approved. 

               The Board of Fire Commissioners held a special meeting Wednesday night
               to discuss job responsibilities for top officers, including the fire chief and
               the five assistant chiefs. 

               The board hopes to vote on the new descriptions next Wednesday. 

               Commission Chairman Kenneth F. Nappi said job descriptions haven't
               changed since the 1980s. 

               One of the major topics the board discussed Wednesday was changing
               the appointment process based on the revised job descriptions. 

               The board is considering having applicants undergo a technical oral
               examination conducted by fire officials from outside the department and
               one volunteer firefighter. The board would then interview the five
               top-scoring candidates. 

               Other potential changes include the possibility of creating a deputy fire
               chief position and the extension of term limits for administrators, from
               two years to three years. However, Nappi noted Wednesday's meeting
               was just a work session, and the proposed changes aren't definite. 

               The proposed changes come less than a month after a Derby Superior
               Court judge ruled that three administrators - Chief John Millo and
               Assistant Fire Chiefs Justin Sabatino and Stephen Nesteriak - were
               illegally promoted and should step down. 

               The ruling is the result of a lawsuit filed by seven firefighters, which
               claimed that the three were promoted despite failing a required written