Terms extended for fire officials
By Joe Miksch, Register Staff          June 26, 2000

SHELTON — The terms of the city’s Fire Department officers, set to expire Saturday, have been extended 30 days by the Board of Fire Commissioners.

Public Safety Director Kenneth Nappi said the move was made because the fire commissioners are in the midst of revising job descriptions and hiring procedures.

"The board felt that it wanted to take its time and do the job right and complete these tasks before we make any moves," he said.

The terms of Chief John Millo; Assistant Chiefs Stephen Nesteriak, Justin Sabatino, Ed Kozak and Sam Stern; Assistant Chief of Communications Paul Zito; Assistant Supervisor of Alarms Jim Kassheimer and Assistant Chief for Fire Prevention Daryl Osiecki will now expire Aug. 1.

Nappi said it will be the officers’ prerogative whether to accept the increase in their terms.

Millo said he’d be glad to serve as chief for another 30 days.

"At this point we have some major issues on the agenda and we’re looking to make this department progress," he said.

"We have a job to do and we’re going to do it. It’s going to be business as usual for the next 30 days."

Millo said he’s working on getting 125 new air packs for the department as well as four or five new fire trucks. He said the items will soon go out to bid.

"As long as I’m chief, I want to move this department ahead," Millo said.

Nappi said that the decision to extend the terms has nothing to do with pending litigation that questions the manner in which Millo, Nesteriak and Sabatino were hired in December 1998.

A group of firefighters claim that the three didn’t meet minimum standards for their jobs and that hiring rules were adjusted to slip them into office.

The case was heard in Superior Court, Derby, in late April before Judge George Ripley. He has yet to issue a decision.