* * * Your instructor does not want to hear from you * * *

I know: you think that he/she does; that he/she has spent his/her entire instructor life

waiting to absorb your imaginative and constructive ideas.

Put a sock in it.

Your instructor only wants to pass on long-tested and educationally sound concepts.

Listen to him/her very carefully, without saying a word.  In no time, he/she will

reward you with higher class-work (cw) evaluations.

* * *  Food for thought * * *

Learning is an acquired process; it is not a genetically inherited process,
although anomalies may exist.

Parents & teachers are instrumental is assisting students to master the learning process.

It is appropriate for the student to adopt to the instructor's "style".  Not the contrary!

        Good Study Habits Are a Preparation for Life !