Thu, Mar 30, 2000

Stop new high school, get new mayor

Letter to the Editor 

The overcrowding of two Derby elementary schools is the issue. Derby Mayor Marc Garofalo is fearful city residents are questioning the expansion plan based on rumors and hearsay. This is interesting, since he's putting out all the information on this issue. 

I've been in both of these schools, and they aren't overcrowded!

Garofalo wants a new high school. He's wanted one for two years, so he creates some fictional scenario to obtain sympathy from the taxpayer to vote for this at the May referendum.

Anyone who buys into his nonsense deserves to be in a higher tax bracket.

Instead of a new high school, we need a new mayor!

Erik Williams 
          ( Did you have a daughter graduate when costs were well under 4 k$ per year and our 'older' buildings were still open?)  ENM