Get all facts, vote for school expansion
May 10, 2000

It concerns us that many people are not thinking of all the benefits that the Derby school expansion and athletic fields would bring. Both of our children have been affected by the overcrowding at Irving School. And now our daughter is a seventh-grader at the middle-high school. 

Derby students should have the same opportunities as our surrounding cities and towns. The children of Derby should have separate facilities for Grades K-5, 6-8 and 9-12. 

We are very concerned that many residents are making their decision on this project without knowing all of the facts. Let's all make an educated decision and improve the future for not only our children, but for ourselves. Show our children Derby is a place they can be proud of and come back to someday and maybe raise a family of their own. 

Chris Mastrianni 
Michele Mastrianni