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Derby plan puts books second to bricks, fields
May 10, 2000

Derby Mayor Marc Garofalo states that we need a new high school for educational purposes. The Derby PTO parents state we need a new high school for educational purposes, and that the students will score higher on the state mastery tests, which we know isn't true. Members of the Board of Alderman state we need a new high school for educational purposes, as do teachers and administrators.

We are spending $39.8 million on bricks, cement, glass, and concrete, and we are spending $6.7 million on athletic fields. We are only spending $254,000 on books, and I don't blame this on the Board of Education, it can only receive so much funding.

I would like to know, however, what happened to the "educational opportunities" that are supposed to come with this new high school. It's not a new building that determines a child's education, but people that are teaching in that building who determine how a child learns.

On referendum day, vote no to Derby school expansion, and you will be saying yes to education. Think of the textbooks even some of that money can buy. Think of the scholarships we could be handing out to deserving students who otherwise couldn't afford college. Think of the city's future. Think of education. Think of your children.

Erik Williams