Derby school voted down
          Jun 14 2000 12:00AM  By Terry Pfeiffer Editor

DERBY - Voters at a city-wide referendum Saturday overwhelmingly rejected a plan to build a new high school and renovate the existing school for a middle school. 

A meeting is scheduled for Monday, June 19 at 7 p.m. to discuss the results of the vote and to come up with solutions to the school issues. 

The vote was on three questions. The first, whether to build a new high school - which would cost $31,125,000 before state grants - was voted down, 871 yes votes to 1,536 no votes. 

The second question, whether to renovate the existing high school for use as a middle school - which would cost $9,685,000 before state grants - was voted down 867 yes votes to 1,466 no votes. 

The third question on whether to renovate Bradley School and Witek Park fields - which would cost $3,740,000 - was voted down 771 yes votes to 1,552 no votes. 

The total costs of the three projects would have been $44,550,000 before state reimbursements. The city estimated the total cost to taxpayers would have been $26,921,365. 

"The real issue is we all have to agree on what the problems are," Garofalo said. "We have to come to some agreement." 

Garofalo said he hopes everyone who has an opinion on the school issues will attend Monday night's meeting. 

"Whoever has concerns should come," he said. "We're at square one. Everything is on the table. We need to move forward to come up with a solution." 

Garofalo said options that previously had been ruled out will be discussed again, such as renovating the old high school on Minerva Street. 

"We need a long-term solution," he said. "We should do it once, and do it right....We don't want to have to come back in five years. 

"The whole point is that it's a community decision...At the end, we want to have a process we are proud of, and a project we can be proud of." 

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