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The New York Times   <Go>
Hold Fast, Idealists
WILLIAM SAFIRE     May 12, 2004   <Go>
Blaming democracies first
Published May 24, 2004 
Brahimi's comments spark outrage washingtontimes      <Go>
 Sharon Behn       April 27, 2004 
Two Wrongs: One Shameful, 
One Savage     
5/17/04   <Go>
Terry Eastland--WeeklyStd/FOX 5/23/04
Crush the Insurgents in Iraq  <Go>
Lewis E. Lehrman & William Kristol      
Bremer Regrets   <Go>
Administration Criticism

AP / FOX        May 03, 2004 
New Details on          <Go>
Saudi Help in Iraq War

AP / FOX       April 25, 2004
U.S. Disputes Strike Report
on Iraqi Wedding Party   <Go>

FOX-News   May 19, 2004
'Rock Solid' Evidence    <Go>
Chalabi Spied for Iran

FOX-News        May 21, 2004 
'Those Guys In That Prison  
Weren't Boy Scouts'  
Neil Cavuto  FOX-News     5/21/04 
It's America's War  <Go>  
Democrats think it's Bush's war
David Gelernter  5/24/04  WeeklyStd 
Well, It Was a Good Idea in '46   <Go>
Larry Miller Weekly Std  05/03/04
No evidence of wedding at attack site        <Go>
CNN      May 22, 2004 
The New York Times
The Cruelest Month  <Go>
By WILLIAM SAFIRE     May 3, 2004
Weekly Standard                <Go>
About Those Iraqi Weapons
William Kristol     

The New York Times       <Go>
Finally, Good News in Mideast
By DAVID BROOKS       May 22, 2004
The battle in Gaza  <Go>
May 19, 2004
The New York Times      <Go>
The Comeback Likudnik
By WILLIAM SAFIRE       May 5, 2004
U.S. Firm on Support
For Israel Pullout Plan   <Go>

AP / FOX       April 27, 2004
Jordan Airs Confessions of Suspected Terrorists       <Go>
AP / FOX       April 26, 2004 
Jordan says major
al Qaeda plot disrupted  <Go>

CNN       April 26, 2004 
The Washington Times  <Go>
Nick Berg and Iraqi detainees
Published May 13, 2004 
U.N. Audit Found Early
'Oil-for-Food' Problems   <Go>

FOX-News       May 19, 2004
Oil for terrorism?   <Go>
Published April 30, 2004
U.N. Warns Oil-for-Food Co.'s
on Documents     <Go>

FOX-News        May 05, 2004
The New York Times
Rumsfeld Should Stay    <Go>
WILLIAM SAFIRE       May 10, 2004
Sarin, Mustard Gas Discovered Separately in Iraq      <Go>
FOX-News       May 17, 2004 
The New York Times      <Go>
Sarin? What Sarin?
WILLIAM SAFIRE       May 19, 2004
Tests Confirm Sarin
in Iraqi Artillery Shell 
Liza Porteus   FOX-News      5/18/04
The New York Times         <Go>
Tribal Warfare in Iraq
WILLIAM SAFIRE       May 24, 2004   <Go>
Kerry Adrift 
Charles Krauthammer     April 23, 2004
Iowa soldier gains fame for sending positive Iraq e-mail    <Go>
USA Today       5/15/04
Zell Miller
Blasts John Kerry   <Go>

AP / FOX       May 15, 2004
TO: John Kerry          
FR: A-J Dubre      <Go>
Profiling: Right or Wrong?
The History of Liberals and Conservatives     <Go>